Enforcement Officers for Rent Arrears Recovery


Recovery of rent arrears, upon repossession. We use High Court enforcement officers to maximise your chances for recovering your rent arrears. Our fees cover all costs, including court fees. If there is a way to recover your rent, we do it!


Product Description

Once you have your property back, depending on the tenant situation and on the amount of rent arrears, you may decide that you want to pursue the tenant to recover your tenant debt.
Should you decide to take court action to enforce your rights to recover rent arrears owed to you our expert team is ready to act to enforce your rights.
As soon as you purchase this service package, you will receive by email a copy of our Sign and Return letter, which we need you to sign and return by post to our office.
Once we receive we will start court proceeding within 3 days from receiving the Sign and Return letter.
Our fees are all inclusive, which means court fees are also included and there is nothing else to pay. We know that transparency is important for you and therefore we believe it is important to you to know the exact cost of this service to you. Our price is shown in full, include all court fees and there is nothing else to pay with regards to this specific service.
We recommend using High Court enforcement officers to enforce the court decision in a swift and prompt manner.


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