Payment Plan to recover rent arrears


When a tenant is not paying rent, the first step in the rent recovery is working with the tenant to put a payment plan in place. We recommend this as first step in the rent collection as, based on our experience the success rate is over 60%.


Product Description

Our expert team gets the information you provide and, considering all requested information is in place our expert team gets straight onto it.
In maximum 48 hours since the receipt of your information our team will make the first follow up with the tenants. We aim to use all available means of communication with the tenant, including but not limited to telephone, email, leaving vmail and texting.
Based on our extensive experience in dealing with this sort of issues we believe that, unless there are deeper issues with the tenant, this approach can resolve most situations. There are many situations that can put a tenant into rent arrears but in most cases the tenant needs an extended hand or help dealing with it.
Therefore, the landlords need to extract themselves from the situation and let our professional team to take over the negotiations.
Once a payment plan has been agreed to get back on track with payments and to bring the rent arrears to zero, the details are then passed back over to you, the landlord/ letting agent/ property manager.
In most situations this is sufficient and the tenants keep their side of the arrangement.
We aim to have 6 attempts to contact the tenant via all possible means. Based on our long experience, if tenant does not respond after 6 attempts, it is most probable that tenant will not respond to any requests. Which takes you, should you wish, to 2nd step in the process.


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