Landlord Letters To Tenant (from Our Solicitors) Asking for Rent Arrears to be Cleared


If the rent debt recovery process of setting up a payment plan has failed, we recommend you use our rent arrears letters service. Our expert solicitors will send unequivocal letters asking tenant to pay the rent arrears at once… or else.


Product Description

Sometimes, the tenant does not respond to any attempt of contact or simply fails to pay the agreed amounts on the agreed dates.
Whether we have helped you put a payment plan in place o you have done it yourself, the next step is to get our legal team involved.
As you know, receiving a landlord letter to the tenant, coming from the landlord’s solicitor asking for payment is never a nice thing. Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with rent arrears recovery and they know exactly how to strive the necessity of bringing the rent arrears back on track before taking further steps.
Getting the letter right, striving for immediate payment of all tenant arrears or getting a payment plan in place is paramount to the success of the process.
In order for us to proceed we will need a Sign and Return letter to proceed. Once you select this service you will receive a Sign and Return letter by email from our team. We aim to send out the first letter regarding your rent arrears recovery within 48 hours from receiving the signed Sign and Return letter.
This tenant arrears and rent recovery service includes up to 2 letters to be sent out. This is mainly due to considering potential failures of the mail delivery service or any other reasons the first letter may not reach the tenant in arrears.
As landlord or property manager you will be notified when the letters go out so you will be able to monitor live the progress of our rent debt recovery service.


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