Serving Section 21 and Section 8 Notice


If you tried the 2 steps before, you can ask for property repossession. Our legal experts are going to serve the required notices, based on the information you provided. We recommend that we serve not only Section 8 but also Section 21.


Product Description

This service package takes you on the path of getting your property back. Most probably you are at this stage because the tenant arrears are increasing and you need rent paid so you can keep with your mortgage payments.
Nevertheless, whatever your situation is, we can help you serve section 21 and section 8 notices, to ensure swift and sure property repossession.
You may go for this service package even if you have not used our Payment Plan or Solicitor Letters packages.
Section 21 and section 8 can also be served by landlord directly, however the slightest mistake can lead to the notice being dismissed and therefore more delays, time waster and money lost can incur.
Our approach is to serve both Section 8 and Section 21 wherever possible – i.e. where you can provide all the information required. If not all information require exists, for whatever reason, we analyse the situation and we serve the appropriate notice.
Based on our experience, tenant rent arrears come in conjunction with property dilapidation, therefore getting repossession quickly helps you minimise your losses.
As with solicitor letters, before we proceed we need to receive back the Sign and Return letter, which you will receive by email once you complete the purchase.
The notices will be served by post within 3 days of receipt the Sign and Return letter.


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